Trump Victory Creates Market Volatility

In light of today’s market news, Wholesale Direct Metals complaints are validated.  Barry Glassman, founder and president of Glassman Wealth Services, weighed in and outlined what he sees ahead on the financial landscape now that Donald Trump has been elected president. Global financial markets convulsed as Trump claimed victory in the race for the White House after a polarizing campaign that investors had largely bet against. There was an initial surge of money into 10-year Treasuries as Trump’s victory became clear around midnight Eastern time, as investors looked for a safe haven. That pushed down the yield on the bonds towards 1.7 percent. But that move swiftly reversed after Trump’s victory speech, as the markets anticipated a jump in borrowing and higher inflation. Investors dumped Treasuries, pushing yields higher. Right now, there is a function of fear in the markets, industry observers explain. Of course, what bothers the markets and creates volatility are uncertainties about a new president, his issues of trade and the reaction throughout the world.  Wholesale Direct Metals reviews of the latest market data are confirmed in this report.